1070 kHz
Los Angeles, CA

KNX Main Transmitter
The Harris DX-50 is the top-of-the-line digital transmitter that is normally on the air
. It will provide digital audio HD Radio ("IBOC") broadcasts in late 2003.
KNX's Backup Transmitter
is a Continental 317C installed in 1981
. It is in perfect condition.

KNX Transmitter Building and Main Tower
This is the Torrance, CA facility that put out the 24-hour 50,000-watt voice of KNX.

KNX Backup Tower
was erected in 1965 after vandals cut the guy wires for the main tower, destroying it. Taken from a point near the main tower looking northeast.

KNX 10kW Second Backup Transmitter

is on the right
. It is also in excellent condition. The unit on the left selects which transmitter goes to which tower or the dummy (test) load.
Transmitter Site Audio and Control Racks
houses the Remote Control and Audio Processing Equipment for KNX and includes dual AM Stereo generators