1070 kHz
Los Angeles, CA

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Station Information:

Freq: 1070 kHz
Power: 50,000 Watts Day & Night
Height/DA: Non-Directional
Class: A (formerly IB)
City Of License: Los Angeles, CA
TX Site: Torrance, CA. (Van Nuys pre 1937)
Format: News
Previous Owners: Westinghouse Broadcasting, CBS, Inc., Electric Lighting Supply Co. (Fred Christian), Guy Earl (LA Evening Express), Western Broadcast Co.

Owner: CBS Corp., CBS Radio div.;
GM/Stn Mgrs.: Pat Duffy; George Nicholaw
CEs: John Russell, Steve Blodgett, Eric Diesen, Paul Sakrison
PDs: Ed Pyle(PD/News Director), David G. Hall (PD), Julie Chin (ND), Ronnie Bradford (Asst ND)
SMs: Mike Masterson; Steve Sullivan,
Engineers: Rick Seitsema, Larry Wichman, James Blakely, Kent Oliver, Robert Arak, Scott Mason,
Talent: Jim Thornton, Dave Zorn, Dave Williams, Larry Barajas, Bob Brill, Vicki Cox, Charles Feldman, Steve Grad, Timothy Greenwood, Tom Haule, Dick Helton, Tommy Jaxson, Karel, Randy Kerdoon, Ron Kilgore, Mike Landa, Melinda Lee, Todd Leitz, Michael Linder, Kim Marriner, Bob McCormick, Vicky Moore, Frank Mottek, John North, Linda Nunez, Donna Page, Tom Reopelle, Myrna Roberts, Vytas Safronikas, Jack Salvatore, Mark Austin Thomas, Diane Thompson, Larry Van Nuys,
Sales: Rosemay Hernandez,
Office/Others: Anabel Magana, Lindsay Trumbull, Rosie De La Cruz, Valerie Blackburn, Ron Escarsega,
Vehicles: 7 news vehicles, 1 Bell 206B JetRanger helicopter
Call Letter History-AM: KNX since 1922, 6ADZ, KGC

Columbia Square Photos
KNX first went on the air in Los Angeles in 1920 as 5-watt station 6ADZ built by Fred Christian. It is, today a 50,000-watt all-news station and has been since 1968.
5670 Wilshire is home to CBS Radio's KNX
Located on Wilshire Boulevard in LA's Miracle Mile, this facility is also home to KFWB, KTWV, KRTH and KLSX. KNX is on the third floor
. KNX moved into the building 8/12/2005

KNX Sales Department

and Administrative offices.

Master Control
The heart of the audio system is the SAS 32KD Digital Audio Routing and Control System.

Dedication Plaque

Commemorates the 9/29/2005 dedication ceremony attended employees, corporate management, celebrities and politicians.

KNX Newsroom
Writers are in the foreground, Assignment Editor farther back under wall logo, RNX area is to left. KNX Studio 1 is to right

My Office
in the southwest corner of the third floor near the news operations area.

KNX broadcasts to Southern California and the Western United States with 50,000 watts, non-directional full-time. The KNX transmitter site is located in Torrance, CA, about 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. KNX has the second best signal in Los Angeles and arguably of the entire West Coast. KNX also broadcasts in digital HD Radio with bright, clean digital quality, heard on any HD Radio receiver.

I was hired as Chief Engineer for co-owned KFWB in 2002 and I was asked to add KNX to my Engineering responsibilities in August of 2003.

My responsibilities include:
•All Broadcast Technology equipment in the studios, the newsroom, and the transmitter site;
•All broadcast-related Information Technology equipment and systems, which includes all computers, servers, and printers for KNX news operations;
•The seven vehicle Mobile Unit fleet;
•The multi-site 2-way radio system; ;
•Design, setup and operation of remote broadcasts, town hall meetings and seminars put on by KNX.

Shortly after I began at KNX, it was announced that we would be moving KNX, KFWB, KTWV, KRTH and KLSX to a new, consolidated location, to be selected.

The initial decision was to move KNX, KFWB, KCBS-TV (2) and KCAL-TV (9) to the company's Radford production lot in the San Fernando Valley. After completing a basic floor plan, corporate decided that KNX and KFWB would colocate with the 3 FM stations at a radio-only facility.

New plans were drawn for the second and third floors at 5670 Wilshire Blvd. on LA's Miracle Mile, former home to E! Entertainment Television.

Construction demolition commenced in February 2004. I moved into my construction office in April 2004.

This project, at over $10 million, was the largest capital project in the history of Infinity Broadcasting (now called CBS Radio).

The studio installation work was performed by the AM and FM Staff Engineers and a few contract technicians. We worked 6-7 days per week, about 14 hours per day pulling cables in overhead and through floor ducts, assembling cabinetry and wiring the equipment .

The move-in dates were:
KLSX 1/14/2005
KTWV 2/18/2005
KRTH 4/29/2005
KFWB 6/24/2005
KNX 8/12/2005

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