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Los Angeles, CA
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Columbia Square Exterior
CBS' Columbia Square was home to KNX
from 1938 to 2005. Located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, it was constructed mostly of heavy reinforced poured concrete, including many of the interior walls. This was for state-of-the-art style as well as earthquake resistance, as the area had suffered a serious quake in 1933. KCBS-TV (Ch 2) and KCAL-TV (Ch 9) will be moving from Columbia Square in 2007.
KNX CS Studio 7
KNX Studio 7 Main Studio

Jack Salvatore at the controls with Christina Griego in the Traffic Studio (Studio 6).
Radio Hall of Honor
The hallway on the second floor from the north end to the south was lined with dozens of awards.

KNX CS Newsroom
KNX Newsroom

This was where the stories were written and the stories assigned to the reporters.
KNX Studio 5
KNX Studio 5
was used for interviews and large productions, such as election night coverage.
Transmitter Site Audio and Control Racks
houses the Remote Control and Audio Processing Equipment for KNX and includes dual AM Stereo generators

My former Office
was located at the north end of the second floor hallway.

Radio News Exchange (RNX)
was where KNX and CBS Radio Network reports and programs passed thru and were redistributed.

Studio 5 Control Room
was where KNX commercials were produced and was where Studio 5 projects were mixed and recorded.

Stairs Of Death
lead from the first floor just outside the Engineering Shop to the second floor just outside the newsroom and studios.Shallow and steep, these stairs resemble those on a battleship.