980 kHz
Los Angeles, CA

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Station Information:

Freq: 980 kHz
Power: 5,000 Watts Day & Night
Height/DA: Non-Directional
Class: B (formerly III)
City Of License: Los Angeles, CA
TX Site: East LA; 3 towers near 5/10 freeways.
Format: News
Previous Owners: Warner Bros., KFWB Broadcasting Co. (Harry Maizlish), Cowell-Collier Broadcasting, Westinghouse Broadcasting, CBS, Inc.

Owner: Viacom, Inc., Infinity Radio division (John Sykes, Pres.)
GM/Stn Mgrs.: Roger Nadel
CEs: Richard Rudman, Paul Sakrison
PDs: Crys Quimby (PD/News Director), Andy Ludlum (Asst ND),
SMs: Tom Roe, Matt Mallon, Steve Youlios,
Engineers: Michael Tosch, Dow Jones, Romie Jagminas, Kevin Graham, Silas Marshall, Kent Oliver, Robert Arak, Alex Roman, Michael Duffy, Scott Mason,
Talent: Allen Lee, Andi Marshall, Arianna Ortiz, Bill Nesbitt, Bill Seward, Bob Donley, Bob Harvey, Bob Howard, Bret Lewis, Brian Humphrey ,Carlos del Valle, Cindy Dole, Claudia Peschiutta, Colleen Ryan, Dave Williams, Dick Uliano, Ed Mertz, Eric Tracy, Gail Bolin, Gary Baumgarten, Geoff Witcher, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Jack Popejoy, Jane Monreal, Jeff Baugh, Jennifer Bauman, Jennifer Burns, Joe Cala, John Bisney, John Brooks, Judy Ford, Ken Jeffries, Larry Carroll, Laura Gregory, Lori Kelman, Lourdes Navarro, Lyle Kilgore, Michael Shappee, Mike Lundy, Nancy Plum, Paul Lowe, Penny Griego, Pete Demetriou, Phil Hulett, Rhonda Kramer, Richard Saxton, Rick Monday, Rick Reece, Ross Crystal, Ross Porter, Royal Oakes, Scott Green, Sergio Quintana, Sharone Rosen, Steve Kindred, Steve Lentz, Susanne Whatley, Tammy Trujillo, Ted Sobel, Tom Storey, Tracie Savage, Vicki Cox, Vin Scully, Zoe Walrond, Jim Asendio, Bill Cooper, Ron Kilgore, Larry King, Gustavo Almodovar
Sales: Lara Baskin, Leslie Greene, Mark Warlaumont, Ken Steele, Todd Kaufmann, Debbie Primo,
Office/Others: Jennifer Baker , Jacque Orsi (HR), Pam Baker (Promotions & Website), Jose Monreal (Controller), Byron Warren, Marlene Lew,
Vehicles: 7 news vehicles, 1 Bell 206B JetRanger helicopter
Call Letter History-AM: KFWB for all of its history (1925)

Here are photographs of the recently demised KFWB studios at 6230 Yucca Street in Hollywood. KFWB began operating from here on 5/17/1977 and moved out of this facility 6/24/2005, providing just over 28 years of memories. Many will remember the building's inability to keep rain from flooding the Sales Management Area and the basement. And the duct tape.
KFWB Newsroom
This was the big room where the various
news production desks were located (News desk, Sports Desk, Business Desk, etc.). The Editor was here in command, bringing all the elements together.

KFWB Anchor Jack Popejoy
At the North Anchor position
. He was cueing Judy Ford who sat directly across from him.

My office at KFWB
faced out onto the newsroom

Dodgers Radio Network Control Room
This is where all Dodgers broadcasts were produced
. The Program bus fed KFWB local and Audition fed the satellite uplink.

Dodgertalk / Interview Studio
adjacent to Control Room C is where Dodgertalk was done when not from the stadium and hosted live interviews of newsmakers including Mayor Hahn, Police Chief Bratton and School Superintendant Romer
(shown in photo). My staff and I rebuilt this room in 2003 to accomodate Dodgers broadcasts, shown here.

KFWB was the second-to-last radio station to leave Hollywood (KNX was the last on 8/12/.2005). KFWB's original City of License was Hollywood.

These studios were built by Richard Rudman and his staff.

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