980 kHz
Los Angeles, CA

KFWB B Control ("Master Control")
This was the heart of the KFWB Programming product. No one sAT at this console (Board Ops were eliminated many years ago). The Anchors (Tracie Savage seen through glass) operateD the console via remote switches in the Anchor Booth.

KFWB Production Room ("A Control")
Commercials and promos WEre produced here. At left Was the Protools console, at right the Enco console. The mixer here (and in the other three main studios) were Pacific Recorders mono prototypes that preceded their BMX console line.

Correlator Room 2
No one knows why these two rooms had this name, but this is where the inside reporters worked.

B Control ("Master Control")
as seen from the Anchor Booth. The mixer was in the foreground.
Upcut Room 2
The unusual naming convention continues here. These two rooms were used to produce prerecorded multi-actuality news reports.

KFWB Sports Desk
Bill Seward did the afternoon sports reports just outside my office in the Newsroom.

KFWB Special Events Desk
was used by inside reporters and the financial reporters Richard Saxton and Laura Gregory.

KFWB Studio B/Anchor Studio (circa 1970s)
Was a side-by-side configuration in its original incarnation.

KFWB News Car (circa 1970s)
They are really a lot newer than this and they are SUVs, but this old one looks so cool. Like Starsky & Hutch, Street Reporters.

KFWB Sports Anchor Brett Lewis
Live from the Sports Desk
. Brett wais one of the main Sports Anchors on Channel 2 KCBS-TV as well. A pleasure to work with, even though he didn't sleep much.

KFWB Anchor Studio
Normally there were two news anchors in here
. Shown here were Tracie Savage and Larry Carroll, well-known television news anchors.