100.9/100.7 MHz / 1510kHz
San Rafael, CA
I Was There:

Station Information:

Freq: 100.9 MHz, later 100.7 MHz
Power: 2,200 Watts ERP, later 910 Watts ERP
Height/DA: 320' HAAT, 640' AMSL; later 798' AAT, 1098' AMSL
Class: A
City Of License: San Rafael, CA
TX Site: Dollar Mountain-United Communications Site; later C&C Site, San Pedro Mountain, San Rafael, CA.
Format: Free-Form Rock; later Smooth Jazz/AC

Freq: 1510 kHz
Power: 1,000 Watts Daytime Only
Height/DA: Non-D
Class: II-D
City Of License: San Rafael, CA
TX Site: Silviera Ranch, San Rafael, CA.
Format: Big Band/Adult Standards

Owner: Marin Broadcasting Co. division of Astor Broadcast Group (N. Arthur Astor, Pres.)
GM/Stn Mgrs: Susan Burke (Bice), Carl Walters, Mark Hurd,
CEs: Paul Sakrison
PDs: Bob Gowa, Kent Duncan, Scott Murray, Norman Davis, Larry Ickes,
SMs: George Ortiz (GSM), Mike Sobel (GSM), Victoria Mann (GSM),
Engineers: Don Batten (Tiburon Citizen of the Year 1991), Tom Howard, Steve Lampen, Greg Smith,
Talent: Ken Duncan, Bob Gowa, Scott Murray, Jeffrey Schaub (News), Bobby Dale, Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins, Norman Davis, Roger Coryell, Jim Watt, Frank Forrest, Michael Fox, Roger Nelson, Lee "Baby" Sims, Barbara Blake, Joel Abrams, Frank Erickson (PD), Maria Lopez, Vicky Cunningham, Claire Pierce, Eddie Murray
Sales: Donnalei Covington, Julie _, John _, Mindy Canter, Dan Boucher, Kathy Foertsch, Debbie Stein, _ Shannon,
Office/Others: Nancy Barghini (ofc Mgr), Sonia Williams (Controller), Maria (Receptionist), Phyllis Gordon (Traffic), Debbie _(Traffic), Gina Woods, John Moses (Car Guy),
Vehicles: 1983 Chrysler MiniVan
Call Letter History-AM: KTIM, KAPX, K??? (had to do with "calf")
Call Letter History-FM:

KTIM AM/FM were purchased in 1984 by the Marin Broadcasting Company division of Astor Broadcast Group, for which I was Director of Engineering. The seller was Platt Communications (Don Platt, President). The stations had a long history of free-form radio.
KTIM Broadcast House
This was the home of KTIM/KTID

KTIM Receptionist Maria
at the Front Desk

KTIM FM Control Room
PD Ken Duncan at the controls

KTIM Production Room
Shortly after my rebuild

KTIM AM Transmitter Site
at Silviera Ranch. Directly behind you would be the Las Gallinas Sewage Treatment plant. It could be pungent.

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The call letters KTIM were selected in a contest conducted by the Marin Independent-Journal newspaper, who owned it and put them on the air. The winner was "KTIM - Trade In Marin". Not very compelling by today's standards, but it worked in 1948.

When we bought the stations, the AM was playing a mixture of music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Mostly Big Band but reaching back to the bouncy jazz of the 20s, some of it reminescent of 1950s cartoon music. The FM played a broad spectrum of music, mostly rock, but including some modern Jazz and even some Comedy records.

Funny Story: There was a Sales guy who, one day, went to a local bar, got drunk and traded out about $1,500 worth of booze, He then drove to the station for a Sales meeting, staggered into the room, cussed out the Sales staff and quit. It wasn't discovered until a day or two later that he had worked the booze trade, and only discovered because the client called about when he could come in to record his commercial.

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