90.1 MHz
Long Beach, CA

25th Reunion June 10, 2006
First row - left to right: Kevin Glenn (former Promotions dir. KNAC), Terry Grimshaw, Kevin Poore, Chet Simmons, Pat Barr, Jeff Sanders, Clint Webber. Standing - left to right: Teri Apodaca, Mike Ballinger, Andre Champagne. Phil Hulett (KFWB), Remy Hulett, Kevin O'Brien (Broadcast Adventures Inc.), Bill McMullins, John Palmentari (various Santa Barbara stations and KFWB Santa Barbara correspondent), Craig Breit (manager WPMD.org), Ellen Walker (didn't she work at KIK-FM?), Paul Sakrison (KFWB, KNX Dir. of Engineering), Mike Stark (Tom Joyner Morning Show), Dennis Clare (operations WPMD.org)

I Was There:

Station Information:

Freq: 90.1 MHz
Power: 10 Watts ERP
Height/DA: ?
Class: D
City Of License: Long Beach, CA
TX Site: Sumitomo Bank Building, downtown Long Beach
Format: "Eclectic"

Owner: Most likely Regents of Calif. State Universities
GMs: Saundra McMillan (Faculty Advisor), Sharon Weissman, Tom Mullins, others)
CEs: Paul Sakrison
PDs: Many
SMs: Non-Commercial
Engineers: Andre Champagne was Student Eng some semesters
Talent: Mike Stark, Steve Buck, Paul Sakrison ("Paul Henry"), Ellen Walker ("Amber Rose"), Doug Busek, Pat Barr, John Palminteri, Alex Papp, Cameron Cosgrove, Barbara Baer, Rob Balon, Craig Camou, Pat Campbell, Phil "Diamond" Hulett, Nash Contreras, Steve Dewitt, Rick Gee, Jack Gist, Bruce Goldenson, Pam Grundman, Tim Guebert, Bob Harden, Steve Klemin, Doug Kurtz, Levi McCoy, Joan Mulligan, Kevin O'Brian, Jim Moore, Chet Simmons, Mark Simon, Ray Siri, John Underwood, Steve Vallens, and many others
Sales Geeks: Non-Commercial
Vehicles: None

Paul Henry
aka Paul Sakrison
Wacky DJ
KSUL was a Class-D, 10-watt non-commercial college radio station at California State University Long Beach. It was, sadly, demised when the University Foundation purchased KLON-FM from the Long Beach Unified School District and moved into the KSUL studios.

Control Room

News Room

Production Room

Production Room

KSUL's Venerable 10 Million Microwatt Transmitter
was a Gates BFE FM Exciter. The open space below the "Power Amplifier" is where their really awful first-generation Stereo
Generator would normally be installed.
I was Student Engineer under Chief Engineer George Murray who is now Director of Engineering for Liberman Broadcasting in Burbank, CA. I was also a DJ on the station with a weekly show using the air name "Paul Henry". I played the hits.

I have a lot more to write here about the history of KSUL.
Retirement Party for Saundra McMillan - February 4, 2002
Craig Bright and Sharon Weissman
Tom Mullins
Saundra McMillan and Paul Sakrison ("Paul Henry")
Doug Busek and Pat Barr
Picture of Engineer George Murray shown at party
Saundra and (sorry for my lapse in memory)
Victoria with KSUL Program Guides
Mike Stark