106.7 MHz/1500 kHz
Pasadena, CA
I Was There:

Station Information:

Freq: 106.7 MHz
Power: 25,000 Watts ERP
Height/DA: 600' HAAT, 370' AMSL
Class: B
City Of License: Pasadena, CA
TX Site: Flint Peak, above Chevy Chase Drive in Glendale, CA.
Format: Rock

Owner: Ken Roberts
GM/Stn Mgrs: Pat Welsh
CEs: Scott Mason
PDs: Rick
SMs: Jeff Freeman
Engineers: Paul Sakrison
Talent: "Insane" Darrell Wayne, Chuck Randall, Jed "The Fish" Gould, "Spacin" Scott Mason, Rodney Bingenheimer, Sylvester Stewart (Sly Stone),Denise Westwood, April Whitney, Al Ramirez, Mikr Raphone, Ray Bannister, Larry Woodside, Frank Bennett, Mike Evans, Peter James, Jerry Longden, Peter Mayhem, Big Ron O'Brien ("Rich Parents"), Jim "Poorman" Trenton, Shana, Dusty Street,
Office/Others: Katie Manor,
Vehicles: None
Call Letter History-AM: KBLA, KBBQ, KROQ
Call Letter History-FM:

KROQ in 1979-1981, when I worked there, had both the FM we all know and also an AM on 1500 kHz, licensed to Burbank, CA. The ownerhip of the stations were somewhat questionable, but Ken Roberts and Pat Welsh were in control of them.
KROQ-FM Control Room 1980
Control Room that I built using a Pacific Recorders console that would be used in conjunction with airing the Steve Dahl show
. At the last minute, Dahl backed out of his network deal.

KROQ-FM Control Room
Denise Westwood
at the controls. While they were on the air from this room, there were a number of things still to be completed, like mounting the side panels on the equipment racks. Note the bilious blue walls which was the color of the bumper stickers at the time.

KROQ-FM Control Room
All music in 1980 was played from these traded-out SP-15 turntables. I ordered styli (needles) from
a lot of vendors because payment tended to be late if ever. Note my signature 45-degree beveling of the countertop junctions.

KROQ-FM Business Card
--More to come--