105.5 MHz
Long Beach, CA

I Was There:

Station Information:

Freq: 105.5 MHz
Power: 1,600 Watts ERP
Height/DA: 360' AAT, ~600' AMSL
Class: A
City Of License: Long Beach, CA
TX Site: Advanced Electronics Tower, Signal Hill, CA
Format: Album Oriented Rock

Owner: Harden Broadcasting Co.(James Harden, President)
GM: Jim Harden
CE: Norris "Ace" Simpson
PD: Ron McCoy
SM: John Graziano, Harvey Levitt,
Engineers: Ace Simpson
Talent: Ron McCoy, Frank Bennett, Bill Banks (News Director), John Clark (Andrew Amador), Frank Jolle, Denise Westwood, Jim Pettyjohn, Don Nutt, Mike Evans (Sports), Bill Banks (News), Mary Lyon (News), Mike Soto, Jimmy Christopher, Sylvia Amarito (News), Michael Fox, Michael Benner, Bobby Blue, Norm McBride, Peter James,
Sales Geeks: Randy Watson, "Fast" Eddie Burke,
Others: Claudia Harden (Office Manager), Melissa _ (Traffic), Annette (Receptionist), Paul Sullivan,
Vehicles: None


KNAC Midday DJ Denise Westwood

KNAC Evening Jock Frank Bennett

KNAC gave me my start in radio, with a High School internship assisting Program Director Ron McCoy and, eventually, tormenting Chief Engineer "Ace" Simpson..

KNAC Control Room
Denise Westwood at the Gates Executive console. Sparta turntables, Teac tape decks and the lovely CBS Audimax are shown. An ITC stereo 3D cart machine was just out of sight to the right on top of the console. At the time, KNAC used dual (separate left/right) microphones.

KNAC Production Room
utilizing a Gates Solid Statesman console, 2 Ampex AG-440C tape decks and dual mikes.

KNAC Antenna
at Advanced Electronics tower on Signal Hill. This is at its modified position. It had been on a higherr 20-foot section, but the section broke off in a windstorm. The guy wires were also added to steady the tower, but adversely affected the antenna's signal pattern.

KNAC Transmitter Room
included a 1kW Gates and 1kW Collins (Main).

KNAC Newsperson Mary Lyon and Traffic Mgr. Melissa
at Control Room Guest Position.

In Production Studio.

KNAC Inner Tube Crew
participating in a contest at Disneyland's Jungle Cruise river lagoon.
The station was owned at the time by Jim and Claudia Harden. Jim had been a correspondent for NBC radio. The operation would not be described as "overcapitalized". KNAC's transmitter was on Signal Hill on the Advanced Electronics tower, which resembled the mast of a sailing ship, with its horizontal arms. Without any surrounding terrain, Signal Hill worked poorly with the FCC ERP-to-height calculations, leaving it with 1,600 Watts. There were signal problems to the east in Orange County, including the 22 Freeway even within sight of Signal Hill.

News was provided by Mary Lyon in the morning and News Director Bill Banks in the afternoon. The News console was a home-brew that was very flaky. They actually delivered the news in the Control Room at the Guest Mike position.

A KNAC Rate Card