(now KMXN)
94.3 MHz
Garden Grove (Anaheim), CA
KIK-FM New Anaheim Operation
at 1045 N. East Street. Though the programming on the station is now Alternative Rock, the studios and offices remain substantially the same today as they were when I left in 1998. These pictures were taken 5/17/2002.

KIK-FM Control Room

KIK-FM Lobby and Receptionist Desk

KIK-FM Engineering Racks
Located in my office which later became the PD office.

Production Studio
The MCI JH-110Cs remained from the old location. This is the new Yamaha MC2404 mixer with several effects boxes, DAT machines, digital telephone hybrid, and other modern equipment. This room is adjacent to the Control Room and is also very spacious.

Office Area Looking North

Office Area Looking South

Astor Museum Radio Room
is home to over 100 classic antique radios.

Door into Office Area
remains today as a tribute to the long-time format.
Astor Auto Museum
is also part of the radio station facility.

Auto Museum
has about 100 cars here and another 70 at a nearby warehouse.

Amusement Recording Booth

Astor Antique Slot Machine Collection

Auto Museum Gas Pump Collection

KIK-FM Floor Mat
is at the Astor Museum entrance.