(now KMXN)
94.3 MHz
Garden Grove (Anaheim), CA

KIK-FM Antenna on the Bank of America Tower
The tower was on the roof of the Bank of America Building and the transmitter was in the generator room above the 19th Floor. Both ends of the room had open louvers, so it was dirty and sometimes moist, less than ideal conditions for transmitters.

KIK-FM Tower and Antenna
The tower was guyed four ways to the roof at the midpoint. This is actually the current ERI 4-bay 1/2-wave; there was a 3-bay standard-spaced ERI when I was there.

KIK-FM Production Studio
Chris Adams was KIK's Production Whiz

Production Studio
Ampex 350s with Inovonics electronics were later replaced with MCI JH-110Cs. The Biamp mixer lasted for many years. The turntables in the foreground really date this photo.

Programming Office
John Dzima was KIK's second Program Director

Engineering Office
This was my office at KIK. The cabinet on the left was 12 inches deep and contained all of the interstudio wiring connections. On my desk is my trusty Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer and Epson MX-100 dot matrix printer.

Original KIK-FM Newsroom
The original newsroom mixer was a McMartin B-500 that needed repairs several times per week. Note the manual typewriter in the foreground that the news guys preferred

KIK-FM News Center
This is News Director Jack Elliott in the newsroom after the new Autogram mixer was installed.
KIK-FM live broadcast from Disneyland
Don Allen and Liz Pennington

KIK Wagon
Our first remote vehicle, at Westminster Mall, where we attracted over 10,000 people and packed out the place. The wagon used to be the Astor family hauler. Engine burned down on the way back from a trade-out tune-up gone bad.

Gene Price taping a TV commercial
I think this was for KDOC (channel 56) trade. He was standing behind an OCTD bus.

Laura Astor Dame
Promotions Director, Art's daughter and a terrific person

Original KIK-FM News Director Lyle Kilgore
Lyle was the premier radio newsman in the market and KIK was extremely fortunate to have him for a short time at the beginning. He came from KHJ in the Boss Radio Days and had an unbelievable voice and dramatic delivery. He was so authoritative that he could leave out a line of copy and you would think that you must have not been listening correctly. Lyle is semi-retired and does some weekend work on KFWB in Los Angeles.