980 kHz
Los Angeles, CA

KFWB Edit 1
This is a reporter production room where they assemble script and sound elements into Newsboss.

KFWB Edit 3
Edit 3 is another (of four) reporter work rooms. This one has a view to outside. The old studios were in a windowless building.

KFWB Studio 10 "Inside Reporter 2"
works in conjunction with KFWB's Main Studio and is a place for inside reporters to go live on air. Inside reporters work on stories from out of the Los Angeles area, i.e. national and international.

KFWB Studio 6 Business Desk
Faces into the KFWB Main Studio and is where the business reporters work from.

KFWB Engineering Cubes
right off the newsroom are the cubes where my staff of technical wizards are based. Robert Arak is shown banging his head on the wall. This was taken during construction so there are materials they were assembling nearby.

KFWB Original Studio Location (circa 1920s)
was on the Warner Bros. studio lot on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. This location is now home to KTLA, Channel 5. The two towers had the actual antenna strung between them like a clothesline. The closer tower remains today with the "KFWB" letters changed to "KTLA". This tower can be seen from the Hollywood Freeway (101).

KFWB Billboard (circa pre-1934)
KFWB's original frequency was 950 kc and it shared broadcasting time with another station on the same frequency. The two stations traded off who was on the air several times per day. In 1934 KFWB was reassigned to 980 kc full-time