640 kHz
Los Angeles, CA
The 750' (760' from dirt to top of Beacon/StatiCat) KFI Main Tower was struck by a light plane on approach to Fullerton Airport Sunday morning 12/19/2004 and collapsed, killing the pilot and passenger. The tower collapsed mostly on itself, touching none of the nearby buildings and with its top and bottom ending up within 20 feet of each other. These pictures were taken by me the next morning on my way to work. KFI manually switched to the short Aux Tower and was back on in about an hour at reduced power. May this never be a sight and sound you experience. Click on these images for the full 1600x1200 images to see close up.













More photos and information are available at
Barry Mishkind's www.oldradio.com/archives/warstories/640.htm and
Steve Blodgett's www.earthsignals.com/images/kfi/index.htm
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