95.9 MHz/190 kHz
Anaheim, CA

KEZY-FM Program Director Jeff Salgo
Like me, he started in radio before he could drive.

"Jeffrey W" Melton
KEZY-FM morning dude. He stayed at my house for about a month and a half and had something cooking on the stove explode all over the ceiling.

Receptionist Phone
This is the phone the receptionist had to use. It was part of a Fujitsu crossbar phone switch, an electro-mechanical monstrostity that I worked on regularly.

Pam Sanchez
Pam did lots if stuff around the station and was very low key and quiet. Right...

The new 1190 Transmitter Room
Jim Woods at Harris Broadcast had a good year in 1985. KEZY had one Harris MW-10 at the old site and I added a second here. This project was a year too early for the DX-10, which would have been a much better box. The Harris phasor had a really weird controller board, so I had to make an interface to it myself.

View of Orange County from Tower 1
This tower is 497' tall. The base, seen here, is at 1000' above mean sea level. The view you see is Brea in the foreground with Fullerton beyond.

The new 1190 towers
The towers at the site I built, as seen from the bottom of the hill.