Web Design
Markup Languages: HTML 4, DHTML, XHTML, CSS 1 & 2, SMIL, ASX
Software Tools (Most Expert level): Adobe PhotoShop, Image Ready, GoLive, Illustrator; Acrobat Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks; Microsoft Visio Pro, PowerPoint, Excel, Word; Quark
Client-side Programming: Javascript
Databases: ANSI SQL, Microsoft Access, dBase III
Multimedia/Audio/Video: Adobe Premier, Macromedia Flash, RealNetworks RealProducer Pro Encoder, SMIL scripting, Windows Media Encoder & ASX scripting
System and Network Administration
Operating Systems: Win2000/NT 4.0 Server & Client, Windows 9x, MacOS 8.1-current, UNIX, Linux 2.0-current, Novell 2-4.11, Lotus Domino/Notes v5
Servers: IIS, Realserver, Windows Media Server, MS SQL Server
Software: TCP/IP protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP. HTTP, NetBIOS, FTP, SSH)
Hardware: Large-scale switched LAN/WAN system design and implementation in multiple formats (10Base-T, 100Base-T, coax, fiber, LANtastic)
Email: Lotus Domino/Notes, cc:mail, MS Exchange Server, Formmail
Other Experience
Professional audio and video production, CVS, CAD

Motion Picture support website:
Broadcast Television support website: http//
Employment website:
E-Commerce & Marketing website:


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•Broad Website Architecture and Design: Over 5 years of experience in HTML hand coding and with Dreamweaver, GoLive and FrontPage tools. Experience in HTTP, SMTP and other web protocols. Created many forms including Javascript validation and submission processing. Extensive knowledge and skill in graphics creation and photographic compositing. Information Architecture experience in large (200+ page) websites and multi-million dollar commercial web applications.
•Technical and Business Experience: I have frequently had to evaluate new technologies and products for both technical merits and compatibility with a company's business needs.
•Experienced Problem Solver: My experience in solving technical problems in the broadcast environment has trained me to approach each challenge with calm and logic. This experience has enabled me to resolve web design and networking problems quickly and reliably. Considerable web, IT and electronic design, debugging and tuning skills.
•Experience working with clients and external development partners: I enjoy meeting with clients, learning their needs and getting an understanding of their business processes. Experienced with interfacing with in-house and outsourced project participants, driving for quality and timely delivery of the product. I have experience at all stages of the purchase / outsource process.
•Security: Experienced webmaster, maintained firewalls, email filters, virus scanners. I always consider security in any web system and application.
•Browser Compatibility Knowledge: I have amassed an extensive library of documents regarding browser compatibility issues, workarounds and browser/display/platform statistics.
•Compliance with ADA: I provide consulting advise regarding ADA software compliance for government, public agencies and commercial businesses. It is important to make our websites and applications accessible to the disabled.

eBuilt, Inc. - Irvine, CA
April 2000-August 2001
Title: Digital Media Manager/Information Architect/Web Designer
•UI Lead/Information Architect - Designed logical website functional areas and user workflows for web applications and sites using Human Factors principles.
•User Interface Lead - Met with clients on numerous $1+ million dollar projects and conducted interviews to determine their needs and business processes. Multimillion-dollar projects ranged from e-commerce (B2B & B2C) applications to corporate internet/ intranet/ extranet sites to marketing/ promotional sites for Global 500 clients. Created storyboards, user flow diagrams, custom graphical representations, site graphics.
•Web Designer - Create production HTML pages, Web-ready graphical elements and comps for Provided HTML advice to other UI team members. Used Javascript and DHTML methods to provide functionality. Worked with Java developers and QA engineers to fine-tune UI in production of client applications.
•Digital Media Manager - Produced, directed and edited dozens of multi-camera video projects used in training and corporate communications. Created an Intranet website ("eVision") that organized these programs into logical categories and hierarchy. Architected a complete Production-through-Distribution software system ("Network Producer") that would allow novice users to create and distribute an unlimited catalog of digital video and audio programs and related materials via a simple User Interface. This was targeted toward educational institutions and large corporations. Presented this to Cisco Systems and other companies.
•ADA Compliance Research - Developed company requirements and standards for compliance with ADA rules for website accessibility for handicapped users.
•Browser Compatibility Reporter - Updated UI, Engineering and QA groups on current Browser statistics and non-standard Browser quirks. Maintain Browser FAQ Database.

Trinity Broadcasting Network - Tustin, CA
January 1998-April 2000
Title: Manager of Information Technology
•Webmaster - Built, maintained and served as webmaster for two company websites, and, including all UI aspects and Information Architecture. The site has over 250 discreet pages. was reviewed positively in USA Today.
•IT Manager - Responsible for PC setup, repair and user support for over 130 user, 12 server enterprise. Setup and maintained servers running NT 4.0, Novell 3.12, Linux, Lotus Domino/Notes, FaxServer. Created and maintained documentation of LAN/WAN system. Designed and wired LAN/WAN switched Ethernet system for the PCs. Created web applications, including one which enables supporters to donate to the organization over the Internet.
•Telecom Manager - Replaced and maintained house PBX system with over 200 phones. Maintained and expanded a separate Telethon Call Center switch with 156 phones that generated over $200 million in donations per year.
•Television Game Show Multimedia Developer - Created computer generated games using Macromedia Flash for network-produced television game show.
•Broadcast Engineer - Performed fill-in work for Video and Audio Engineers, Videotape Operators. Received live satellite and fiber video feeds, maintaining signals' compliance with FCC Rules and good engineering practice.

Astor Broadcast Group - Anaheim, CA
July 1987-January 1998
Title: Director of Operations and Engineering
•Programming and Technical Manager of a five radio station group.
•Operations Director - Supervised local station Program Directors, Announcers and Engineers.
•Director of Engineering - Lead overall direction, planning, purchasing and installation of all station equipment. Responsible for technical operations for all group stations, such as telephone systems, 950 MHz microwave systems, wireless microphones, T-1 digital audio systems, ISDN audio systems for remote broadcasts, installed transmitters. On call 24/7 for emergencies. Supervised and scheduled local station technicians at each location.
•Business Management - Worked with Owner and General Manager on developing business processes for improved business efficiency and profitability. Created and worked with budgets. Programmed and audited custom weekly Sales Reports. Revenues grew from $900k to over $8 million during my tenure.
•Information Technology Manager - Designed and supervised maintenance of Internet Website and e-mail systems. Novell Network administration and computer programming and maintenance.
•Radio Advertising Producer - Created commercial announcements and long-form programming.
•Mobile Studio Supervisor - Designed and built mobile studio in 31-foot RV for remote broadcasting.

RS Group - Santa Ana, CA
February 1980-Present
Title: Partner/General Manager
•Web Services - Provide web architecture, design and maintenance services to commercial, educational and political organizations on a contract basis.
•Video Production - Provide video production services, including creation of computer generated games for network-produced television game shows.
•Media Research - Conducted several research projects for TRW Space Operations Group providing technical and business feasibility studies for Digital Satellite Radio and Ultrawide-bandwidth Satellite Digital Media distribution for the Motion Picture industry and Telemedicine.
•Radio Engineering - Provide Contract Chief Operator, project and other engineering services to Southern California radio stations.
•Broadcast IT - Provide computer and telephone services for radio and television stations.
•Supervised $1.5 million project, building KEZY-AM's new transmitter site at the 57 freeway at Tonner Canyon Road in Brea.

Calif. State University, Long Beach
Majored in Mass Media.

Calif. State University, Northridge
Majored in Mass Media. Computer Science classes.

Long Beach City College
AA in Telecommunications.

International Webmasters Association
HTML Writers Guild (associated with W3C organization)
Association of Web Professionals
Society of Broadcast Engineers

•Experienced and creative web producer.
•I work quickly and accurately, create high quality product and deliver it ahead of deadlines.
•Provide customer satisfaction, improving your margins, gets you paid and brings in repeat business.
•Accustomed to working on multiple concurrent projects.
•I understand you have a business to run at a profit. My services support your business success.
•Over 5 years experience in Information Technology, Information Architecture, graphic and web design.
•Experience in acquisitions and planning.
•18 years of management experience, including employee hiring, supervision and development and working with budgets. Big picture of the operations and profitability of the business.
•Major Market Engineering experience.
•Passionate for my work.
•Honest, loyal and willing to work hard.
•Not afraid of responsibility.
•Professional and positive attitude.

Michael Dewey
eBuilt, Inc.
Irvine, CA

Michael R. Means
General Sales Manager
KABC Radio
(Former General Manager KIKF and KOWF/KSPA)
Los Angeles, CA

Michael S. Duffy
(Former Director of Information Technology KTBN-TV)
Project Manager
eBuilt, Inc.
Irvine, CA